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Cate Maker

Gas Stove Heat Conduction Energy-saving 24cm Fast Defrosting Plate - Elevate Your Cooking Experience


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Finding a frying pan that seamlessly blends elegance with practicality in the kitchen can be a challenge. Traditional options may lack the timeless aesthetic and versatile features needed to enhance the cooking experience, leading to a gap in achieving a relaxed and comfortable minimalist lifestyle.

 Cooking enthusiasts often face challenges related to pan protection, potential scorching, and the safety of stove cores. Traditional cooking methods might lead to damage, accidents, or inefficient defrosting.

Dual Functionality: The Cate Maker Heat Conduction Energy-saving Fast Defrosting Plate serves both as a heat-conducting plate and a defrosting plate, providing versatile utility for cooking tasks.

Anti-Slip Protection: The threaded design offers next-generation anti-slip protection. This prevents damage to cookware caused by stove support, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of liquid overflow accidents or fires.

Aviation-Grade Material: Front anti-slip threads made from aviation-grade aluminum are wear-resistant and non-slip, enhancing stability while placing cookware. The delicate touch, finely polished, adds to the overall quality.

Heat-Conducting Layer: The back of the plate features a heat-conducting layer, ensuring even heat distribution. This layer protects the pan from scorching, maintaining the integrity of the cookware.

Preservation of Pan Aesthetics: Timeless beauty is preserved as the plate prevents scratches on the bottom of the pan. The cookware stays smooth and clean, resembling newness even after prolonged use.

Stove Core Protection: By preventing the stove flame from extinguishing due to pan overflow, the plate contributes to safer cooking and helps avoid potential gas leaks.

Rapid Defrosting: The plate offers rapid physical defrosting, unlocking convenience in the kitchen. It defrosts approximately five times faster than natural methods, saving time and preventing nutrient loss.

Heat Retention: Retaining residual heat, the plate ensures that food remains delicious even after turning off the heat, contributing to an efficient cooking experience.

In conclusion, the Cate Maker Heat Conduction Energy-saving Fast Defrosting Plate addresses multiple concerns in the kitchen, providing a safer, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution for cooking enthusiasts.


Aluminum alloy





Product Care

1. Simply place the frozen ingredients on the plate, no need to heat! Rinse with warm water before defrosting for shorter defrosting time.
2. The heat-conducting plate is only for use on open flames! Place the heat-conducting plate on the gas stove and then place the cookware on top to avoid excessive heat conduction. Do not burn the heat-conducting plate alone!
3. The heat-conducting plate itself has energy accumulation, and it is not recommended to use it on non-heat-resistant and non-explosion-proof glass cooktops.
4. After the heat-conducting plate stops heating, it still retains residual heat, do not touch! The residual heat can maintain boiling for approximately 3-5 minutes. It may differ from direct flame usage, so adjustments should be made accordingly.
5. Stains caused by spilled soup on the heat-conducting plate may remain even after cleaning, but it does not affect normal use and is not considered a quality issue.



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    Gas Stove Heat Conduction Energy-saving 24cm Fast Defrosting Plate - 0cm
    Gas Stove Heat Conduction Energy-saving 24cm Fast Defrosting Plate - 0cm
    Gas Stove Heat Conduction Energy-saving 24cm Fast Defrosting Plate - 0cm
    Gas Stove Heat Conduction Energy-saving 24cm Fast Defrosting Plate - 0cm
    Gas Stove Heat Conduction Energy-saving 24cm Fast Defrosting Plate - 0cm

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