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Founded in 2018, Colorkey focuses on launching innovative, quality, and well-designed cosmetics products for modern young women. Characterized by an expressive and self-conscious nature, they see beauty as self-expression and authenticity. Colorkey hopes to unlock the cool of self-reliance and help them find their perfect beauty match.

Little B

Little B is a trendy, lively and stylish lifestyle concept brand which brings you a harmonious way of living in style, purposefully blurring the boundary between life and art. In addition to its own creative product line, Little B curates a global selection of niche and distinctive brands, encompassing pure skincare, trendy beauty, and salon fragrances, to share a fashionable and enjoyable daily lifestyle.


Caromay is a fashion jewellery brand characterized by stylish, creative designs, and infusion of rich colour. Curated by experts, Caromay offers a diverse collection of jewellery ranging from statement pieces to timeless classics, what sets Caromay apart is our attention to detail and demand for high quality. Wearing Caromay jewellery accentuates contemporary fashion, creating a look unparalleled in creativity and individuality.

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LINSY are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, cementing their place in the industry for offering some of the highest quality designs of furniture. Our collections continue to grow, offering contemporary furniture reflects you, your life, and the people you share it with.


Soocas focuses on the research, design, and development of personal care small home appliances, centered around personal care scenarios, and strives to be a category leader. Soocas adheres to the product concept of "fine care with an extra step," combining innovative technology and delicate design to create personal care products that blend artistry and a sense of technology. The goal is to meet people's "simple, enjoyable" personal care needs and help them achieve a clean and ideal self-image.


meoof specializes in the creation of accessories and furniture for pets with the brand concept of 'Co-creating the Aesthetic of Human-Pet Lifestyle’. We seek the best approach to fulfill the shared needs of human and pet life, bridging art, technology, and business.

A Fashionista's Diary

Styling Statement Pieces For Everyday Wear

Jady Rose

Jady Rose design, create and sell unique and beautifully crafted, fine quality footwear that inspires and delights intelligent, freethinking owners worldwide, revealing a creative talent whose interpretation of luxury is that of pleasure to be worn. Each individual shoe is handled with the utmost care and respect. The stunning styling and imaginative use of cut, colour, leathers, fabrics and striking detail has caught the eye of the fashionista.


The concept of Cocobella is to enhance a women’s personality, incorporating current trends with a framework that allows for freedom of movement and a feeling of empowerment. The design is pure, timeless and clean with an advanced edge and playing with contrast, with a high degree of functionality and focus on quality.


What Cilela have created is a seamless blend of elegant design, impeccable quality and innovative construction. Our bags are sleek, structured and designed to carry your life in style, the timeless silhouettes of unparalleled design that bear high quality details, creating a fascinating juxtaposition with a strong sensibility. Cilela have paved a path of its own, formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of modern lifestyles.