8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. And if you don’t feel good wearing your intimates, you’re probably part of that statistic. How should a sports bra fit? There are some indicators that would tell you if your bra size if correct or if you need to scale up or down. Although neglected, you should pay attention to your bra size and fit especially when you’re looking for a sports bra which is an essential part of your active wear. 0cm shares the best tips for you.

How Should A Sports Bra Fit?

  1. Measure your correct cup size by wrapping the measuring tape around the fullest portion of your breast. Inhale and exhale comfortably while you’re doing this. 
  2. To measure your band size, wrap the measuring tape directly under your breasts. Keep it flat against your body, not your breasts. You may need to lift your breasts when doing this.
  3. Make sure your cups are stable when you’re wearing a bra. You should not go down a cup or have excess skin bulging at the sides. If you feel like your bra is too tight, you should find a larger cup.
  4. Your bra band should feel stable and not lose. If your band rides up at your back, it’s too big for you and you need to find other options.
  5. Finally, check your straps. A good way to tell is if you can fit 2 fingers in the shoulder straps and side straps. Overall straps should not dig into your skin or leave marks.


Low-impact sports bras are designed to support your breasts while you’re engaged in light movements. Low-impact sports bras are perfect for women with smaller chests, providing just the right amount of snugness for less bouncy activities. Low-impact sports bras feature narrow/thinner straps, removable cups, or non-padded options. Best suited for walking, pilates, yoga, or even lounging. Women with flatter chests find that low-impact sports bras work best for running, cycling, or even weight training.


Medium-impact sports bras provide moderate support and coverage. The structured cups are designed to gently compress and support your breasts maintaining breathability and comfort.

This is best suited for women who love to do cross-training.


High-impact sports bras are best suited for your highly active lifestyle, providing more comfort, and coverage during your intense routines. High-impact sports bras have thicker and wider straps and a higher neckline to ensure better support. This is best suited for women with bigger breasts providing maximum support and minimal breast movement.


Now that we’ve covered the essential factors to consider, let’s delve into our top picks for the best track pants to buy in 2024:

 1. Fitness First Criss Cross Back Black Workout Bra

Just when you think wireless bras would be inappropriate for activewear, the Fitness First Criss Cross Back Black Workout Bra would change your mind. With its soft and breathable fit, this is your ideal bra for running, walking, and exercising. It offers a double cross-back strap that not only accentuates your shoulders but also reduces pressure. The removable cups allow you to adjust those paddings to suit your range of movement at maximum comfort. If you’re in for several physical activities, this is the best bra for you.

2. Longline Wirefree Medium Impact Padded Purple Workout Tank Bra

If you want to combine the versatility of a tank top with the coverage and support of a sports bra, then this Longline Wirefree Medium Impact Padded Purple Workout Tank Bra is for you. This padded sports bra tank top gives you maximum comfort and freedom. The stretchy fabric feels like a second skin and its moisture-wicking properties help you stay dry and regulate your body temperature during your intense workouts. Combining fashion, functionality, and style, this is the perfect piece to add to your athleisure collection.

3. Sexy Criss Cross Back Padded Low Impact White Workout Bra

If you’re attending your regular yoga or meditation sessions, the Sexy Criss Cross Back Padded Low Impact White Workout Bra provides maximum invisible support to cater all your movements. Whether you’re doing the basic cobra pose, downward dog, or even warrior, you’ll comfortably execute all your movements, without feeling restricted or distracted by the constant adjustments that will keep you from advancing to the next level. 

4. Comfort Wireless High Impact Support Bounce Control White Workout Bra

This is the ultimate bra for plus-size women! Made from soft, comfortable fabric that feels light and breathable thanks to the mesh paneling. Because this bra is non-wired and non-padded, you can move comfortably without worrying about the underwires piercing your skin. We love the wide shoulder straps that support your shoulders and breasts. This is always an essential component of athleisure and posture plays an important role in executing your routine correctly. Add the Comfort Wireless High Impact Support Bounce Control White Workout Bra to your collection and experience unbeatable comfort and support.

5. Motion Control High Impact Adjustable Wireless No Bounce Black Workout Bra

For most women, having a universally appealing high-impact bra can change their routine forever! That’s why we love the Motion Control High Impact Adjustable Wireless No Bounce Black Workout Bra.  This bra gives you comfortable support that will ensure your breasts stay in place while you’re executing high-power moves. 

6. Quick-dry Everyday High Impact Padded Wireless Full Coverage Beige Sports Bras

This Quick-dry Everyday High Impact Padded Wireless Full Coverage Beige Sports Bras will keep you fresh and confident all day even as you shift from one fitness routine to another. Imagine going to your aerobic class with this high-impact bra. It’s padded features will give you full chest support and stability so you can give your best in your routines. This bra would look great when worn with a tank top and some leggings.

Ladies, 0cm believes in your power and capability as a woman. It’s endless and full of potential. Find the right bra to support your moves, make you feel your best, highlight your curves, and help you become the most confident woman. You deserve to be that way. Browse our collections at SYROKAN & CRZ YOGA by 0cm.